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Episode 6

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25th Oct, 2020

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21st Oct, 2020

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18th Oct, 2020

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14th Oct, 2020

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11th Oct, 2020

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About the Podcast

Stuff You Should Know About Therapy
Have you ever wondered what it's like going to therapy? Have you thought about going but are afraid of the stigma around therapy? Do you know someone who goes to therapy, but unsure if you should go? This podcast takes you on a journey of what therapy is like, what is typically talked about, and why going to therapy is amazing! Join Matthew, a Marriage and Family Therapist, as he discusses the ins and outs of the therapeutic process, while dispelling some of the myths and rumors of therapy.

*NOTE* this is NOT intended to be a one stop shop for personal therapy. I encourage everyone to seek local professional help. Stories that are used in this podcast have been altered to protect client confidentially.
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Matthew Montano

Matthew’s passion for therapy began early on in his life. Working through his own trauma at a young age, Matthew knows what the healing process looks like from all sides. Matthew’s own healing has varied from adjusting through divorced parents all the way to religious trauma. This has helped Matthew become more empathic towards his clients from all walks of life. Rest assured that you will be heard in a secure, shame-free environment.

Growing up in Central California, Matthew grew up with diverse populations and understands how various cultures, faiths, and upbringings can affect our everyday lives. Matthew is committed to respecting your views and opinions and incorporating them into your healing process.

Matthew is committed to working side-by-side with you throughout your healing process, in your timeframe. Matthew understands how important it is for you to be in charge of your own healing process because he has seen how the healing process can change your outlook on life and is excited to join you on your journey towards healing, love, and empowerment.